Friday, November 14, 2014

Meditation Benefits Breast Cancer

Mediation is medicine for the mind and researchers are claiming that it soothes that body. According to a recent study, meditation produces telemeres, which are protein complexes located at the tip of chromosomes that are believed to prevent diseases. These hormones were more prevalent in breast cancer survivors who practiced meditation than those who didn't.

A group of eighty-eight cancer survivors participated in an eight weekly yoga and meditation sessions and twelve weekly support sessions. Each breast cancer survivor who finished treatment for at least three months had a series of tests that determined her telemore rates were higher after the study. Researches do not know the long-term effects of mediation on telemore levels, but different is a small victory towards beating breast cancer.

If you find yourself emotionally stressed out, consider incorporating yoga and meditation into your daily routine. Fifteen minutes a day can be the different between life or death.

{Source: Meditation benefits cancer survivor's bodies, study shows}

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