Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chemotheraphy Makes Bald Beauties Shine

It is a well known fact that many women battling breast cancer end up losing their hair due to chemotherapy. Within a few weeks of starting treatment, women (and men) may lose some or all of their hair. Reason being, the chemo drugs target healthy cells and cancer cells, slowly destroying hair follicles. You may notice clumps of hair in your hair brush, strands on a pillowcase, or handfuls in the tub drain. However it happens, it can be a startling and depressing period. Seeking support from friends, family or women in a breast cancer support group can help you deal with the emotional toll this can have on your mind.

Losing your hair to chemo isn't the end of the world. Take comfort in knowing that your hair will grow back after completing treatment. Many women choose to embrace the hair loss in a positive way. More and more women are making bold statements by wearing their newly bald heads in public. Some women are even getting henna designs added to their shaved scalps. Here are a few examples of women who have made bald heads look glamorous.


Cynthia Nixon
Karen Gillian

Kellie Pickler 

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